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Customized single-tailor-sewn jeans

A pair of blue jeans is often the most basic element of a person’s attire. It can also be a marker of their identity, albeit resembling those of others when it is a mass manufactured label. This is where KORRA departs from the factory-made denim, bringing forth a product that connects the maker and the wearer through more than threads. “We believe that this significant departure from mass manufacturing is necessary to bring the user closer to the maker and keeps the maker close to his or her craft. Each product is signed by the tailor and numbered uniquely ensuring traceability. The integrity within products made in such a way translates into a feeling which is understood immediately and is beyond words”, says Founder Shyam Sukhramani, who spent more than seventeen years at Levi’s Strauss before launching KORRA in 2013.

The New Delhi based online brand retails custom made jeans (and has recently begun selling jackets), which are made from indigo-dyed cotton sourced from mills in the country. The selvedge denim, which has a secured geometry and does not unravel, is then designed, cut and sewn together at the facility after an order is placed on the company website. Each tailor employed at the company focuses on a single product, finishing it off with sewing their own name in. This unique opportunity to include a part of themselves in the product they make has kept the tailors happy and engaged. “Where can I find a place to work that allows me to put my name on the product? There is no better appreciation than having the customer know who made his jeans”, says Wakil, a master tailor.

The core team behind the brand consists of Rajesh Jaju, Shyam’s former colleague from Levi’s, who spent fourteen years at the brand and became the distributor in Delhi. Other key members are Himanshu Shani, founder of the label 11.11, a fashion garment line, and Mia Morikawa Artist and Creative Director of 11.11.  “Together we want to contribute in making consumers aware of the product, it’s origin, it’s use and, most significantly, it’s maker, as we believe that with this insight and connectivity the lifecycle of products will increase and in turn will reduce the levels of waste,” says Shyam. The brand’s tagline, ‘A Conscious Choice’ promotes this ideology of connecting with the brand through the process that goes into making each product.

KORRA currently retails online through their own website and have recently listed on Amazon to reach a wider audience and build awareness of the brand. The company provides a ‘Home Try On’ service in New Delhi, which allows interested customers to try samples at home before purchasing.

Over the last two years, the brand has catered to customers from more than sixteen countries, with user profiles ranging from 15 to 75 year olds. Shyam sums up the journey thus far, “Most of our customers have a disposition towards thoughtfully made products. In the minimum there is a curiosity of what we do! The act of sharing their views about our brand amongst each other is our greatest appreciation…We would like to build a brand that reaches users around the world and build a sustainable model that is inclusive of the local talent and resources.” 

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