Abundance Quilts

Therese May’s Messages of Hope
During the mid and late 1990s I made many art quilts heavily embellished with buttons, beads and sometimes polymer clay buttons. I spent days and hours alone contemplating and meditating on the surfaces of these works. The pieces featured in this article are of a later series from 2013, representing the last of my embellished quilts. I'm happy to be sharing them with the dear readers of this article and to give a message of hope to the world.
“Act As If”
What is your dream?  One thing that I want is to finish my projects. It feels so good to me to get stuff done. I practice my art; completing drawings and quilts, one step at a time, enjoying the process. I move on to the next thing, work to finish; then begin again, acting as if my dream is already true. 
“All Is Well”
At every moment of every day, all is well. Each one of us is always doing the very best we can with what we know at the time. When I remember this, I can accept the way it is right now, knowing all is well. 
“Art Is Healing”
Getting into the creative mode puts me into the present moment. It takes my mind away from problems and gets me thinking constructively about what could be, about solutions. Looking at art on a wall or in a park has a way of changing my point of view and lifting my Spirit! 
“First Things First”
If I put the cart before the horse, I will not get much done!  First on my list is to give myself as much love as possible in this very moment right here and right now. 
“I Am Enough”
I am enough. I am adequate. I am perfect just the way I am. I don’t need more, bigger better! At this moment I accept my enoughness and my willingness to stop looking outside myself for validation. 
“Be Here Now”
There is no where else to be but here and no time other than now. 
“Go With the Flow”
Just go with it; let go of resistance, go with whatever is right now! Let go of fear, allow the world to be what it is and the process of life to unfold like a flower. 
“Love Is the Answer”
I always have a choice. Whenever there is a question, I know the answer by looking within and centering myself in Love. 
“Vote For You”
Life can seem overwhelming at times because there is a lot to deal with; people to see, places to go.  But the grounding force in all of this is to choose yourself first, to vote for you. Once you have done this it’s much easier to deal with the stuff of life! 
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